Harmony Choir

Edelweiss Harmony Choir

The Harmony Choir was established as an independent choir in 1961, with 40 members and its founding conductor, Mrs. Gretl Adam. It held its practices in the Norwegian Hall, and focused on a repertoire of German folk songs and “Lieder”; at the same time, it kept up social traditions such as Fasching dances. Within a year of its founding, the Harmony Choir joined the North Pacific Singing Federation (Nord-Pazifischer Sängerbund), an alliance of German choirs in the U.S. and the Canadian Northwest that holds song festivals every two or three years. The federation celebrated it's 100 year anniversary in 2001.

Victoria was the host city in 1967: the Harmony Choir did the honors that year, with a total of 200 singers and their guests participating. The Song Festival of the year 2001 was again held with great success in Victoria, this time with 500 singers and an enthusiastic following of close to 1000.

In 1971 the Harmony Choir joined the newly formed Victoria Edelweiss Club, thus becoming a sub-group of the club and adopting the name Edelweiss Harmony Choir. As such, the choir’s horizons widened as its members took part in all functions of the club, providing entertainment at Anniversaries, Mother’s Days, Christmas Concerts, and parties. The choir sings at hospitals, seniors homes, churches, and at the popular Folkfest of the Inter-Cultural Association.

The current Choir Director is Dr. Angelika Arend, whose passion for music is reflected by the choir's lively and engaging performances. The choir's piano accompanist is also a very talented musician. Membership in the choir has reached 50, and is supported by a small executive, chaired by the current choir president, Erika Waberski.

In 2006, a small group of children (ages 5-12) lent their voices to Harmony Choir concerts - these youngsters, under the gentle guidance of Dr. Arend, joyfully sang German folk songs!

New Choir members of all ages are welcome, please just come to one of the practices for information.  Practices are held every Monday afternoon (September to June) from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm at the Edelweiss Club in the Choir Loft (3rd Floor).  The Choir performs at three regularly scheduled concerts in Fall, Christmas and Spring. For more information, contact Angie Morris at 250 721-0582.

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