The German Club

The purposes of the Society are:

a) to foster and preserve the German language, heritage and traditions;

b) to promote relations amongst and between Germans and Canadians by encouraging cultural and social activities;

c) to operate and maintain clubhouse facilities on behalf of the members;

d) to receive donations and bequests, and to hold and administer property of every kind and description whether real or personal for the benefit of the members and the society;

e) to encourage individual and group initiatives, within the Society, that educate, entertain and give artistic expression.

2019/20 Board:

Bill Prindl (Vice President), Angela Plasterer (Treasurer), Lothar Christians (Secretary), Bill Buckley (Director at Large), Willi Fahning (Director at Large) Mona Jane (Director at Large), Rick Przybysz (Director at Large)

The Board encourages all members (and guests) to participate with events and activities. Please support your Society and contact us if you have feedback, suggestions, or would like more information.  

The German Canadian Cultural Society (aka Victoria Edelweiss Club) was founded in 1970 to preserve the cultural practices of the German speaking immigrants of the Victoria area, and to help integrate them to the Canadian way of life. It was hoped that Canadians would come as guests to social events and learn about German culture too - and they did!

The founding members wanted their own hall from the very outset, and found a suitable property and building at 108 Niagara Street. The building was a former rollerskating rink, and volunteer labour soon transformed it into a dance hall and kitchen. The exterior was given a Bavarian-style facade.

With the clubhouse in place, all kinds of activities started: monthly dances took place; a Ladies`Auxiliary cooked, baked, sponsored fashion shows, and made crafts for the bazaar; the Carnival Group planned lavish festivities; the Folk Dancing Group organized Oktoberfests; and the Harmony Choir, which had operated independently for ten years, joined the club. 

Ten years later, in 1980, the club building was enlarged by means of a second storey which contains a members' bar, a library, a games room, and a meeting room on the third level. Again, the work was done by volunteers whenever possible. 

The Victoria Edelweiss Cub volunteers, and their popular food kiosk, continue to participate in community gatherings such as the Saanich Fair, the Victoria Day Parade and other local events.

The Edelweiss Club Library on the second floor offers a large collection of German books for borrowing.  We have a great and wonderful array of books, old and new, covering a wide variety of subjects including some English books.

Library Opening Hours: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 1:30—4:30pm, September -June